A couple of questions

DeniseD -
Good to hear you’re healing well and feel encouraged by the positive changes you’re already seeing! Yes! Getting the second side done when you can will make a big difference in continuing to help you fully recover from ES.


Thanks for the advice. I have had and still have the pain in my throat, the feeling that I can’t swallow. I kept telling myself it was allergies. I’ve been to an urgent care dr, my dr., 2 different neurologists (one specialized in headaches), an ENT, a chiropractor and my dentist numerous times since December. I’ve had two different MRIs, a spinal tap and a CBCT scan performed. I would self diagnose. The ear pain, I would dismiss as water in my ear from showering. The neck pain, I thought was because of the way I would sit when at work. The non-ending headache is what got my attention! I never get headaches! I was being treated for TMJ, I kept asking everyone I was seeing if the could explain the numbness. No one had a reason for it until the CBCT results came back with ES. My dentist put all of my symptoms together.
I can’t believe you had both sides done at the same time. I feel like I’ve lost so much this year. Can’t imagine having the symptoms for 17 years before treatment. I know I’ve had several syptoms for a while now. They just weren’t bad enough to stop me.

Yes, thanks Hadassa. I have tried to work this methodically and logically, but now I am over the baby steps of getting over my pain. Is OU doctor on the doctors list? I have more than 20 years of tests, diagnosis sheets and failed treatments and I want to have a chance at feeling better. Forget waiting until after vacation, after g-baby birth… I want a review as soon as I can get one. I would go anywhere, but the other experts are too far for me to ask friends to take that kind of trip, but OK distance is fine for me and a friend to travel. If doctor is not on list can you give details. If not, no worries, I will look up. Thanks.

Dr Greg Krempl is on the list (but I spelt his name wrong!!); Stephenson Cancer Center/ OU Physicians Otorhinlaryngology Clinic, Oaklahoma City. (need a physicians referral)

He is on the list. Greg Krempl. I saw him this past January and asked him to continue working with ES. He said he would. He is booked at least 2 months.

Jules, I think that OU changed that “referral” policy? When I saw him back in January, I also thought that I still had to get a referral. Since I had not seen him since 2004, I had not made an appt. because in the past, I had to have a referral. This time I just picked up the phone and made an appt. They told me that since I had not seen him since 2004, it would be like coming in as a new patient. Remember, I had a referral from my gynecologist back in 2004.

I had such a good visit with him and I thanked him for diagnosing me back in 2004. He didn’t even send me a bill. He will continue to diagnose ES because I told him we really need him. My life changed drastically after I had the surgery. I hope DeeG can get the help.

A friend of mine told me she used to work for OU Physicians and that they had dropped the referral rule???

Okay, thanks Hadassa, it was noted on the last doctors list so I just carried it over, I’ll alter it!