An Accidental Cure

Hello all. I’m still very new on here and yes… not technically diagnosed yet (although my dentist did agree that I have ES but was unable to diagnose me without $500 but anyway)… I thought I would still discuss some interesting things that have happened along my journey (if you want to call it that).

I saw a very nice otolaryngologist last year who (although he had a whole list of things he wanted to try with me) initially thought my problem was allergy related… Yeah I know. He put me on a nasal spray called Xhance. It was just a regular nasal spray you use once or twice a day. I felt so amazing so quickly. My pain was gone. My symptoms were gone. Even the ever present feeling on the right side of my throat was completely gone. I was certain that my problems were over and I started singing in the car again for the first time in years. It was roughly two and a half weeks of bliss.

Well… all good things end. There was one very large and apparently rare side effect that became noticeable very quickly but that I tried to ignore for a couple weeks until I eventually decided I had no choice but to stop. My jaw was actually moving out of alignment to the point that my teeth would not line up no matter how hard I tried (I learned this was a side effect of a different nasal spray but did not come up online for Xhance). My jaw was tired and I was starting to worry my teeth would never match up again. I know my other problems were bad, but it’s a weird and dreadful sensation to not be able to put your teeth together… just trust me on that. I threw the Xhance away to avoid the temptation of using it again (although there were times I considered getting it again).

After a few weeks of stopping Xhance, my jaw had completely gone back to normal and all my old pain and side effects returned too. It only occurred to me sometime after that that maybe it was not the drug that made me feel better, but maybe somehow my jaw moving forward caused whatever was in my throat to stop hurting me (and I later got a tissues MRI with perfect results so pretty sure it’s the styloid).


That is really interesting, kerileigh13! I think your deduction is brilliant! Not at all sure what in the nasal spray would cause jaw malalignment, but the fact you noticed relief from your ES symptoms when your jaw was in a new position, makes sense that was the pain reliever & not the Xhance.

Thinking in “chiropractic” terms - when something is out of alignment, often there is pain so the chiropractor does an adjustment to re-align things. There is evidence that elongated styloids/calcified stylohyoid ligaments also mis-align things inside of us & pain is the result. Perhaps your jaw being out of alignment helped re-align your internal mis-alignment, & thus your symptoms went away. I think that’s what you are getting at.


As Xhance is a topical steroid I can see how it would relieve pain. Clarifying - as it is a nasal spray, it drips down your throat. If it only had no side effects! The first real ES exam I had they numbed my nose with Lidocaine and it numbed my whole throat - felt great for 3 hours!!!

The Dr. gave me Flexeril patches and I was in love with them. I put one over my spine, just below my shirt and it took away so much of the weird sensations. And then - epic failure, got the number one side effect - nausea, so bad I couldn’t eat. Was a great 3 week run, even though it really irritated my skin it was a brief period of relief.