Anybody has post-op "full styloidectomy" CT scan?


Just wondering if anybody has a CT scan of what it looks to have the styloid removed all the way up to the skull base? 3D or just a plain image?

I have some theories…


I fear there may not be be any of the type of images you’re looking for since people usually don’t get re-scanned until they have symptoms caused by regrowth. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

Have you tried an internet search? I know those are often fruitless when looking for rare or unusual images.

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I tried, fruitlessly. The only reliable pic I could find shows some leftover, but the medical article including that pic doesn’t say if it was done “up to the skull base”, so it’s a bit of mystery.

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I did have a quick look, couldn’t find any either…

Yes, unfortunately…
The only reliable article with post-pics I could find was this:

So now I’m wondering what exactly means “to the skull base”…

Hi vdm,

I actually posted the link to that article on the forum awhile ago & forgot about it. :crazy_face:

I’ve recently seen some scans from patients w/ regrowth & one in particular stood out because the styloid looked short & stumpy but the s-h ligament, which had supposedly been removed the first time around was where the new calcification was. We are scratching our heads over this & thinking perhaps some s-h ligament was left & that was the “seed” from which the new calcification “sprouted”.

As I have mentioned before, removing the styloid/s-ligaments doesn’t remove the mechanism in the body that caused it/them to elongate/calcify in the first place, so as much as we hope a single round of surgery (or double for bilateral cases) will be the cure, sometimes it’s not.