Anyone know if a fungal rash is cause to postpone surgery?

On Tuesday the doctor said he could do my surgery this Friday. I wasn’t prepared for that at all and immediately lost all of the questions that I was prepared to discuss with him. Instead of asking him what I needed / wanted to ask I ended up leaving his office & going for a Covid test.
Then I went for a nice long walk in the afternoon and never had any symptoms of the fungal rash I developed, saw my PCP on Wed. and mentioned the discolored splotches on my inner thighs and fat gut and he looked and said, that’s fungal. And ordered a medicated cream for me to use.
So I called the ENT this morning to find out if this new issue puts the surgery on hold, since it’s supposed to be tomorrow.
I also have OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) and I am having a test called D.I.S.E. just before the styloidectomy. (that’s a Drug induced sleep endoscopy) the dr felt he saw something on my previous appt (on Sept 2) that is the cause of my OSA) and if the D.I.S.E. proves he is correct then there is a potential procedure that may correct that and get me off my apnea machine. So I’m really ready to go and have this done & over with. But have no idea if the fungal rash is reason to postpone everything.

Hi ESx2,
I can think of two reasons why it might be best to wait until the lesions resolve.

  1. steroidal anti inflammatory drugs reduce immune response and could be required post op per some kind of standard treatment.

  2. An active infection with skin lesions are vectors for other opportunistic bacteria to enter the body. I had a 3 day hospital stay from MRSA entering into my bloodstream through a ringworm lesion, which is the tinea fungus.

Spoke with the Anesthesia Presurgical Testing nurse, and she said it was up to the doctor. She didn’t think it would really postpone what I’m having done. And then I received a call from my doctor’s office with “it’s a go” for tomorrow morning.
I appreciate your reply sigmet25. But I think I’m going to go and get this done & over with. I think since they are informed in advance precautions can be taken and with everyone being super careful due to covid I think I will come through this fine, and without any complications. Can you tell I just want this done & over with? Because I really do just want this done & over with. I’m praying to get the first OR time slot … I will be called between 3 & 6 pm. It’s now 3:22 pm


Will be praying that you have a successful surgery! God bless :pray:

Thank you!!!

How fantastic that you got a surgery appt so quickly, ESx2! I hope you got the first surgery slot. I’ll also be praying for your surgery be perfect & recovery to be quick & complication free.


I’d be doing the same as you. If the dr says it’s ok, I’d trust it’s ok. Good that you informed them though. I’m having a cerebral angiogram a week from tomorrow to investigate my vascular Eagles and they informed me if I have any symptoms of a UTI they would not do the procedure (I guess this is a precaution as it’s thought it can increase the potential for infection) And now of course I’m paranoid I’m getting a UTI everyday because I’m the same as you, I just need it done and over with and I cannot take another postponement.

Good luck to you with the surgery and I hope all goes well!! Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

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Thank you blossom. I hope you had good results from your test. Prayers all goes well with you.