Best, Safest Treatment for Eagle's Syndrome

Thank you for the PSH link. Very interesting & the symptoms description totally fits what you & some of our other members have noted for yourselves.

Cushings reflex is less exact especially in light of when it’s noted to occur (terminal stages of acute head/brain injury) but it’s interesting none the less.

The shaking isn’t always caused by vascular ES @zeagle. It seems even the non-vascular form of ES can cause it as well. I had significant BP drops when I exercised so problems at the other end of the bp spectrum. These would cause my heart to race which would make me feel very dizzy/light-headed. As far as I know, I didn’t have VES, and these symptoms resolved once my right styloid was removed. The vagus nerve can also wreak havoc w/ heart rate & bp.

Wow, I wonder if that gives me something more to think about now? Do you think this is related to my situation or do you think the stomach storms are separate? I had 20 episodes when this all started back in 2020 through 2021 with my heart racing in addition to the blood pressure spikes. Thankfully to God I have not had any real issue with the heart rate spikes since then. It’s very difficult to get through all of this when the blood pressure is in an extreme state and the heart is racing over a hundred beats per minute so I don’t want to ever return to that - that’s for sure.

Wendy, do you know if Dr Constantino would be looking at that as a consideration or if he would be addressing that at all? I wonder if he has ever had a patient with the dystonic storms?

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Dystonic storms not stomach storms - LOL

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I don’t know if Dr. C has had any patients w/ dystonic storms or with the symptoms you have but he is a very experienced surgeon so I expect he’s capable of dealing with the challenge your symptoms will present to him. I expect he’ll want to hear about your symptoms during your consult.