CBD and pain relief?

Hi, I haven’t introduced myself here yet. I’ve had eagle syndrome for a long time. It started years ago with harmless tension, neck pain, sore throat and a lot of other body sensations, which are also described here in the forum.
I had to find out almost everything for myself because the doctors here are mostly at a loss. In January 2019, after a previous unnecessary and nonsensical surgery in 2018, my two approx. 5.5 cm processūs styloidei were finally shortened from the outside. This brought an immediate improvement in pain and tension. Unfortunately, I haven’t become completely pain-free, but at least so far that I can slowly start doing sports again. Swimming and a kind of Tai Chi / Qui Gong work well for me. Even if sport and a lot of head movements aggravate the symptoms and also make regular rest necessary, I think that I am slowly making progress.

Since 2018, I have got experience with medicinal marijuana and CBD (cannabidiol, non-psychoactive substance of the hemp plant).
Before that, I had been prescribed almost all common painkillers, which didn’t work well and/or had severe side effects. I reject the use of antidepressants, anti-epileptics and neuroleptics and see these as the last option.
After a long search, I found doctors who were understanding and prescribed medicinal cannabis. By trying almost all the varieties that were available in the pharmacies here, I quickly found that some flower varieties help very well while others doesn’t or make it even worse.
I think that the most decisive factor is probably the different terpene composition in marijuana…
(see https://www.leafly.com/news/cannabis-101/terpenes-the-flavors-of-cannabis-aromatherapy).


The whole time I also took about 50 mg/d CBD in capsules, mainly to reduce the unpleasant effects of THC. However, CBD is also said to have a variety of good therapeutic properties like anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, anti-epileptic effects and relaxes the muscles in dystonia and dyskinesia, inhibits nausea, kills cancer cells and promotes bone healing. It also has an anti-anxiety and antipsychotic effect. These effects you can notice at doses between 40 mg and 800 mg daily (according to www.cannabis-med.org).

Because of the neuropathic pain, I increased the dose to 120 mg twice a day a month ago. Together with the medical indica marijuana (current varieties: Cannamedical “Dark Star” or Aurora/Pedanios “LA Confidential” or Tweed “Bakerstreet”) with good results. The tingling, burning and stinging in the throat is gone, the muscles are more relaxed and all that remains is a dull and more pleasant feeling. When the CBD effect wears off, the pain slowly comes back, so I take the capsules every 12 hours and can avoid carbamazepine for even longer.

I also take Wobenzym capsules, which in my country contain approx. 70 mg bromelain, approx. 40 mg trypsin and 100 mg rutoside trihydrate, against the inflammation and pain. I notice it clearly when I leave this away for a few days.

This is my story in a nutshell. I hope it is useful. If you have any questions or are more interested in my topics, I can be more detailed. Just ask.

Best regards