Could this be ES?

Hi All…

So my Ctv with contrast is booked for the 4th Sept. In the meantime I had an opg taken last week.

Do my styloids look suspicious for eagles and potentially what’s causing all of my vascular symptoms.


They definitely look long to me, & the left side (right pic) is very angled too., so could well cause symptoms. Obvs not doctors, but usually you wouldn’t be able to see much of the styloid process if they were an average length. Not sure, but the right side one has a joint- sometimes that forms when the ligament at the end of the styloid calcifies too, or if there’s been a fracture? It could just be the xray otherwise…
Hope your CT with Mr Axon shows if there’s any compression of the blood vessels, let us know how you get on!

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Hi Natty04 ~

I completely agree w/ everything Jules said about your styloids. Hoping your appt. w/ Mr. Axon goes well!

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Thanks Jules for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I thought the right one looked odd with that almost ball joint too.

My ultrasound sound showed high velocity on the left side which is the left angled styloid in the picture.

Also another symptom I keep having a flare up of is similar so costochondritis. I even went to the doctor about it. I’m having a bad flare up this evening. Pain in between chest and when I take a breath in or out it’s a shooting pain. So I’ve taken pain relief.

Thanks so much. I really appreciate all of your feedback.

Just had enough now and longing for even a diagnosis at this stage. Praying the Ctv gives me enough evidence as otherwise I will be at a loss

The feeling of costochondritis could be vagus nerve pain. It runs right through the area you’ve mentioned. I’ve had mine hurt before similar to what you’re describing though it didn’t last long - maybe an hour.

Hi Natty04,

Have you looked into physio for your costochondritis? This is often a secondary pain site due to a hypomobility of the related thoracic spine segment posteriorly and when treated can clear up nicely…just a thought, pain with every breath is exhausting :crossed_fingers:


Thanks lovely. They have put me on naproxen which has really helped. I have flare up’s now and again for some reason xx

Glad you have found some relief. If it is due to an underlying joint dysfunction the naproxen will only mask the situation which may be why it flairs now and again. Just a thought. Be well!