CTScan and Angiogram Findings

Just a couple Notes from my CT Scans…

In the second one it states “short bilateral discontinuous segments of calcification”

What exactly does that mean??

I am PostOp… BiLateral, External… why my Surgeon removed most of 1 side and not the other is beyond me… Im at an absolute loss here!!

I have an Appointment on Wednesday with Dr Hackman in hopes of a Revision!!

The “short bilateral discontinuous segments of calcification” are noted to be calcified sections of your stylohyoid ligaments. They are “discontinuous” because they “free agents” occurring on the ligaments apart from (not attached to) the styloids & hyoid. They probably should have been removed when your styloidectomies were done, but some doctors don’t think that such small amounts of ligament calcification matter so it’s left in. Definitely worth talking to Dr. Hackman about though. Best to get anything removed that could be causing your symptoms.

Crazy that your first surgeon left one of your styloids 3.1 cm long, however, there are some doctors who believe a 3cm styloid falls into normal styloid length range (2.54-3 cm). For a person w/ a longer neck, 3cm might be ok, but I think for the avg person, that is elongated.

I’m so glad your appt w/ Dr. Hackman is finally nearly here. I’ll pray for you to have safe travels & for Dr. Hackman to be helpful. :hugs:


Leaving 3.1cm in, is a shock. Do you have previous measurements before surgery? This would be important for comparison. Take a copy of pre-surgery scan to your appt with Dr. Hackman.
Sounds like left styloid process is sitting right next to internal jugular “mild mass effect”? Not sure what that means.
Sometimes radiologists can interpret scans as discontinuous segments. I had one do the same. Dr. Samji showed me and explained that since CT’s and MRI’s are taken in slices, the software can interpret as segments. He said often that is not the case when he goes in there…that they are more time than not connected and longer that what radiologists measure.


I agree that it must’ve been a shock to find the 3.1cms styloid left in- was anything removed from it? And as @Isaiah_40_31 says, a good idea to ask Dr Hackman about the calcifications as they could still be enough to cause some symptoms. Strange though that it’s noted the left styloid exerts a mild mass effect on the IJV but without significantly narrowing it…I believe you still have IH symptoms? 1.9cms if it’s quite a thick styloid could still be enough to cause symptoms too, worth asking Dr Hackman what he thinks?
et us know how you get on :hugs:


Thank you!! I cant wait to fly into North Carolina and FINALLY get in front of Dr Hackman!! The Symptoms are just progressing everyday, its brutal!!!


Unfortunately I do not have PreOp Measurements… I used Radiant on a PreOp CTScan and it looked as if he had only removed about 1cm from the Right side so there is just soo much confusion altogether!!

Luckily I am actually sitting in the Parking Lot of the Imaging Center waiting to go inside for my MRI on my Brain and Cervical Spine in hopes for some sort of answers to other issues Im facing as well…


I hope the new MRI results help answer some questions regarding your symptoms @MamaBear6. It would be so great to get your symptoms all resolved in short order even if it takes recovery from several surgeries! :pray: :hugs:

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Thinking of you, hope the MRI shows what’s going on…


Still (im)patiently waiting for the Results… I really hope that theyre in before I fly to NC Wednesday Morning…