Day after transoral unilateral surgery

Hi all! I had my surgery yesterday. Everything went well. The doc went all the way to the base of the skull and removed the whole process. He sent us a pic of the process. It was 42 mm vs the 30 that the CT scan estimated. He was amazed by its size and said that if anyone will find relief and benefit from a resection that I should. The size of the process obviously intrigued him. The one thing that I found relief from right away was my shoulder pain. That is completely gone. I don’t know if that’s from the pain meds, but it’s been over two years since I’ve felt this good. I hope it sticks.
My jaw hurts quite a bit and the sutures in my mouth are making it hard to swallow. I’m on a soft diet of smoothies, creamy soups, and hot beverages.

Overall, I think the surgery was a success. We will see how my jaw and neck feel after the swelling goes down.
I hope all those that had surgeries recently are doing well.


I am so glad to hear the surgery went well. Wish you a quick recovery!

Thank you so much!

Wow that's great news!! Really give others hope! Can't believe there was so much styloid that didn't show up on film! Continue healing well & thanks for the post. Who was the doctor you ended up going with? How did you both decide to do the transoral approach? Hope you don't mind the questions, well wishes being sent!

Great news- glad your shoulder pain has gone! Hope that you continue to recover well!

Thank you all for your well wishes. I ended up going to The Cleveland Clinic for a second opinion and saw Dr. Lorenz (his first name escapes me now while I’m on these pain meds but I think it was Joseph). He is a fantastic doctor who is very knowledgeable. He has a great bedside manner and seems to have treated many Eagle syndrome patients. I believe he went transorally because it is his preferred approach as this was how he was trained. Overall, I was very happy with my treatment and hope that my recovery continues to be successful. I’m still quite sore at the surgical site, but I expected to still be healing at this point. I’m so glad I followed through with having the surgery. I spent a lot of time contemplating whether I should have it or not.
Thank you to everyone for your kind words. I really hope that everyone who has had surgeries recently is recovering well and finding relief from their pain.

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Glad that you have the surgery done, and that it sounds like you are doing pretty well. Glad that the shoulder pain is gone! Will pray for continued healing and success for you! Did you go to Clevelanf Clinic in Ohio?

Thank you for your well wishes. Yes, I had the surgery at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. Excellent experience all around.

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@TranquiliTea - Hello, Im glad to hear youre feeling better. The dates listed here are kind of funky, its 9/26/23 today. May I ask how any remaining recovery went? Im on deck for transoral in December and am filled with axiety.

Hope that you do keep recovering well! I’ve put a note by Dr Lorenz’s name to say he prefers intra-oral surgery. Take care & God bless :hugs: