Diagnosed after 2 years seeing Dr. Annino on Feb 27th, Possible IJV


Great news that your surgery went so well especially since it was pretty extensive! Very awesome that you’ve noted significant symptoms reduction. Please be aware that some of those may come back for a bit once the operative meds wear off, but the good news is, over time, most if not all should disappear. I can’t remember if you have bilateral ES, but if so, remaining symptoms could be caused by the other styloid so don’t worry that the surgery “didn’t work”.

I had the same problem w/ my tongue post op but was told it was my glossopharyngeal nerve that caused it. I must say, it makes more sense that it was the hypoglossal. I’m glad you’re able to eat solid food already. That’s pretty amazing! I had trouble chewing (moving food around in my mouth) & swallowing for a number of months after surgery. Talking w/o sounding drunk was also a challenge. :joy:

Looking forward to your next update!

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Great news, thanks for letting us know how it went…I hope that you keep recovering well & notice symptoms keep improving. God bless, praying for you :pray: