DIHLMANN (2002) - Gelenke -- Wirbelverbindungen : klinische Radiologie -- Illustration of "hyoid bone chain" from an radiologists textbook


I’d like to share another illustration, found in an radiologists textbook, showing some coherences:

Dihlmann, Wolfgang: Gelenke - Wirbelverbindungen: klinische Radiologie; 3. Auflage - Stuttgart: New York: Thieme, 2002

I know this has been discussed, but what holds the hyoid in place once both styloids and ligaments have been removed?

Hi Be-kind, I think it should be connected to the tissue. There are many other muscles etc. connected to the hyoid. My doc said that you can do without the SH ligament and the SM ligament, when I asked him the same question.

As usual I lov your pictures. Im a visual person and it helps do see a pix of what is going on int here and how it all interconnects.

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