Do you HAVE to have surgery?

Do you have to have surgery to have these removed or I guess I mean, are these fatal? Or can we put up with the pain and live a long life? I know the pain sucks but Im so scared about surgery :(

It can be fatal, there are reported cases of it but thats only with the carotid. A good scan will show if yours is jamming up or could close to your carotid. Deaths are rare but you should get a good structural MRI to find out.

Lisa, it is also possible to live a long life with eagles, but what kind of life? Do you want to be in bed with pain all your life, have all your friends leave you because all you do is complain and hurt?. It is always your decision, when you are finally fed up with the pain, then you will do what you have to do. Surgery is really not that bad, if you choose your surgeon wisely. I am doing so well and living a great life. The surgery for me was only one hour long if that long. The recovery time and pain was not comfortable but it came to an end. That was two years ago, after about 2 months, I was 75% better, after 6 months, I was 95% better.

Now, I am pretty sure that any pain that I have in my neck is related to a bad vertebrae or acid reflux. The acid reflux is reasonably easy to control and I am doing therapy and walking a lot to improve the neck. I am traveling and seeing the country and the world almost pain free. Maybe it will come back maybe not. For now, I am good.

If you have Eagles and you had a CT and you have a willing surgeon then the decision is up to you. I waited 2.5 years because I had to have cancer surgery and recover from it, and I was not yet sure that I wanted Eagles surgery. When I finally chose the surgery, my doctor said he was surprised I waited that long. I have even had a torn hip muscle repaired since then and I can'[t tell you how much my life has improved in the last 4 years after embracing the 3 surgeries that I needed to get me back to a better life.

I do know that I have never heard of Eagles surgery being considered emergency surgery, though yes sometimes it(Eagles) has been fatal, but that is significantly rarer than the rarity of the syndrome, so having surgery is not something someone would tell you that you must do. It is a personal decision. Pain for a lifetime or a chance at being pain free for the rest of your life.

My friend, it is such a hard decision to make to have surgery that I took 11 years to have a tear duct surgery after a botched one. Once I had the repair, I was able to breathe completely for the first time in 11 years. My fears kept me from going forward and I had suffered needlessly for 11 years. Then a year and a half later, I was told I had cancer. I did not even think about waiting to have that surgery, but I will tell you, I could not wait for them to put me under the anesthesia because the worrying and anxiety was killing me. I was afraid of the eagles surgery and I was afraid of the hip surgery. All I can say is that I picked my doctors and then I just took a deep breath and jumped off the cliff hoping that I landed softly on the other side. That is kind of how it is for all of us, I think. We just take the plunge when we are ready.

There is no shame in waiting for surgery or in trying other alternatives, either. You may find something that helps you and allows you to live pain free for awhile or even for a lifetime. However, most of us have not found that type of solution. I will be praying for you that you make a good decision, one that will bring you peace and quality of life. You deserve the best life that you can achieve, in whatever way you need to achieve it. I certainly have you on my mind and in my prayers.

My carotids were squeezed very tight. So I know mine would've been fatal. Plus, I can't believe how great I feel since surgery! It solved things I didn't realize that were related. I had over 15 complaints and now a year later....none. How wonderful!

My left one goes down into my throat...where the right one is poking my tonsil. The ENT said the MRI and cat scan doesnt show that its vascular......that I could take something for the nerve pain. :/ I hate/scared of meds. Im going to meet with this surgeon and hear what he has to say and get a second opinion on the MRI/ see what he thinks. Thanks guys. I DO want to get rid of this pain. I just fear going through surgery and then it growing back like Ive read it can do. :/ I dont want to keep having surgery every few years, ya know. I just wish none of us ever had to deal with this. xo