Doctors' Spreadsheet Update 05/11/2014

Happy Mothers' Day to all moms.

Attached is my latest spreadsheet.

I would like everyone to start entering their surgeon information on the new "Recommend your Doctor" link on the the Home page of this website. You have all the information and I have to look it up. Also,it is much easier for all members to find than my spreadsheet.

I will keep this up for awhile longer but it would be easier for us all to use the best tools available.

Best wishes and thanks for all your help in providing these doctors' names.

343-EaglesSyndromeDoctors.xls (42 KB)

Emma, bless your heart for doing this. It is a ton of work, and there is nothing in it for you. What a generous and kind way you've volunteered your time for people in pain. I hope you feel the appreciation and love from all of the people you help.

Also, how nice that there is a new, easier method now.

Okay, I just entered Dr. Cognetti on the "recommend your doctor" link, and then I went back and checked and he wasn't listed. I'm hoping there's just a lag time, and that my listing will post soon.

I'm so glad they added that feature- it was very much needed here.

reply to keep this current

Eagleheart, I just checked the doctors link and apparently, your update did not work. When I get back to Florida where I have my main computer and time to research, I will see if it works. In the meantime anyone can ask Scott Orn if the link works and maybe he can fix any glitch. Thanks, I am with family right now.

Can you put the l"Recommendation Your Doctor" link here, so I can check it out? Thanks.

Dancermom. on home page of this forum left side of the screen about midway down. "Recommend your favorite doctor" I keyed the information into the form, and entered the code to verify a legitimate entry pressed submit and the entry did not reappear. There are only two existing entries. Eagleheart tried to enter one as well and it does not display our entries. Perhaps the link is not up and running yet.

Thanks, emma, I will look into this and get back to you.

HI Emma, Thank you so much for sharing this. Just an update. Dr. Samji only does external approach for styloid removals.

thank you for this list and I am a successful case for Dr Cognetti, 1st dr name on the list. I was so grateful for his care on this rare thing. and when I started this journey I found other peoples comments on him. This gave me the reassurance that I was heading in the right direction. That you for your work on this