Does anybody know what this bony area beneath the ear is?

I’ve been digging around trying to find a picture for it but all I could find was an old post on this forum! So I’ll link it here: Do you think it’s possible to touch my styloid there? ( Photo )

(e - I hope it is ok to do this as I am linking back to a picture of someone else.)

This area has been of interest to me for a long time now. I notice that pressing on it recreates the pain I have in my ears almost exactly and also gives me a moderate headache. It’s a fairly pronounced, small bony area that you can run your finger over. Does anyone else have this/know what it is?

I’ll squeeze another question in here so I don’t make another thread: For as long as I can remember, I’ve had terrible right sided ear pain. The only reliable way to relieve the pain is by pressing my tongue down on the right side floor of my mouth. This instantly causes my ear to crackle and ‘break’ open like a seal. It is strictly temporary and closes back up in 20 seconds or so. I have no idea what mechanism is causing this. Any ideas?

Thanks everybody.

In this Area, it CAN be styloid process OR the Atlas( first cervical)

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I could feel my right styloid process in that area but had to push quite deeply to feel it. My left one could be felt under my jaw & was much closer to the surface.

Thank you Maxence, hope you’ve had some resolution since you posted that.

You’ve also alerted me to Atlas Subluxation as a potential candidate for my pain. Apparently one of the primary indicators of it is slanted posture and neck position, which I very much have and has been commented on by my doctor. So I guess I’ll be investigating this along with ES. =/

For the atlas, have a look at NUCCA on Google.

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