Does anyone know how to Enhance the thyroid cartilage in a CT scan?

Is there a way someone can help me highlight the thyroid cartilage in a CT scan better.....Like I have stated many times I have SEVERE pain on the left side of my thyroid cartilage but its behind it on the left side, feels like a piece of glass is stuck behind there....I had a CT scan of that area but You can't even see the thyroid cartilage because well its cartilage....So if they pain is in the thyroid cartilage and you can't see the thyroid cartilage in a CT scan they what is a person supposed to do?? I looked on the internet and say many CT scans which show the cartilage very well.....Maybe if I give someone my images on here and is more tech savvy than me can help me out?? Pls!! Pls....I also tried to download SLICER and probably spend over a WEEK trying to figure how to use it, I used the tutorials and such and I just can not figure it out!!

PS still on the waiting list for Eagles surgury....I really hope thats what my problem is but when I have this thyroid cartilage pain it makes me wonder if that is really the problem ugh

At this point you really should talk to your doctors about getting an ultra sound of your thyroid, and maybe some thyroid level blood work.

Thyroid issues are nothing to mess around with. Also, I seem to remember you mentioned you recently had a baby? That can do all sorts of wacky stuff to the thyroid.

It could be any number of things, and sometimes the thyroid grows these little nodules. The CT scan isn’t sensitive to them, but an ultrasound is. They’re a pretty common thing to have (I had some that turned up during my carotid ultrasound) and are usually no big deal, but depending on the size, location, and type they can be very painful, signal a larger issue or even malignant.

This may be something to check out before your surgery. For your general health and because the solution may be as simple as draining them with a needle.

Do a search on Thyroid Nodules and Thyroiditis, see if it sounds similar to your problem?

Also, I can help you out with a kind of slicer walk thru or answer slicer questions in pm if you like. I’ve never tried to highlight the thyroid cartilage, but I know how to get it to render your images so you can play with it.

Well I do have a thyroid condition...Hypothyroid and Hashimotos....I have had many many thyroid ultrasounds and all them have been fine....Its the thyroid cartilage on the left side I have severe pain, not the actual thyroid itself....