Does the Styloid Process Grow?

Yes, it does. It use to happen to me a lot.

Kellx, how are you doing these days? I don’t think we’ve heard from you in a while.

Hi!! Im here…lol…dealing with a Major Health Issue besides Eagles Syndrome now…A CSF Spinal Leak…And it was Spontaneous…So its been a battle here in Canada with the diagnoses…My neurological symptoms got worse and I ended in the hospital for 2 weeks…they Figured I might have a leak based on my symptoms but my scans were “NORMAL” too them…I knew I had a leak but no one believed me, So I send my scans too the Top CSF specialists in The US and they diagnosed me with an Extensive Spinal leak…So my scans were very “Abnormal”. its really bad…Beginning to wonder if my spine is the cause of “Eagles Syndrome” as I have a Anterior Thoracic Spine as well…This may be causing pressure on those areas of the neck…as I believe…All my pain and symptoms happened the EXACT same time…even the Spinal Leak symptoms…I didn’t know I had a leak 2 years ago as the symptoms were not very apparent but now they progressed so its very apparent if you know what I mean…Why did I get passed the world’s unluckiest person in the world :’( …I have a neuro surgeon appointment in 2 days…so we shall see…its been a 2 1.2 year battle of these symptoms…sucks…at least I fought too get answers when no one believed me…I still wish I had the other styloid out but if its my spine causing the pain of eagles then that should be fixed… Thanks for asking how I was…Means a lot

Hey, thanks for replying! I hate losing track of people, although I know that once a crisis is over, it’s easy just to wander off into the sunset and live happily … oh wait, you’re not at the “happily ever after” part yet. Oh Kellx, none of what you’re going through sounds very nice at all. I’m so sorry.

And add to that the fact that it’s winter in Saskatchewan! Didn’t you just have a brutal storm out there? Here in Eastern Ontario, we had an ice storm yesterday, and then rain today so you can imagine what a mess it is. None of that makes any of it easier to deal with, does it?

Great to hear from you!


Yes still snowing hard in Saskatchewan!! I thought we were done with the snow but we are having a great snow storm…lol Glad I don’t have too leave my house in that aspect lol

No Im not a happily ever after, I probably will never be, and I will have too at some point accept it, not yet I can’t, but Hopefully there will help too this never ending battle of sickness.

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Sorry to hear that you’ve had so much to deal with Kelx, but well done to you for not giving up and pushing to get a proper diagnosis. I hope that you get some help from the neuro appt.- let us know how it goes. Thinking of you…


Mascot of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is the ZEBRA.

What? I don’t understand your answer or question…

Took me a minute too, Kelx! :slight_smile: There’s a saying amongst doctors that “when you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras”. That is, when a patient has symptoms you are trying to figure out, think about the ordinary explanations, not the exotic ones. The trouble with that aphorism is, there ARE zebras, and if a doctor never considers that s/he may have a zebra in front of them, they will never get the right diagnosis.

H is saying that E-D Syndrome is a medical zebra, along with so many of the conditions that Ben’s FRiends members have. Maybe we need to have a zebra alongside our Ben’s Friends butterfly!