Does this look like Eagle's syndrome

I have a sore throat that doesn’t go away, difficulty swallowing & pain below my left jaw on my neck especially when pressed on

Hi dagc!
Welcome to the ES forum!! I see what you’re looking at in your scan but am not sure if it’s your styloid or something else. Since we’re not doctors on this site, we can give you an opinion, but not call it a diagnosis.

If the long white area on the left side of your neck is your styloid & not some other structure, I would say it looks longer than normal. If your scan wasn’t taken for the purpose of measuring your styloids, you can ask to have them re-read by the radiologist for that purpose. The best way to see your styloids & stylohyoid ligaments is by getting a CT scan specifically to look at the styloids & ligaments.

I must say your symptoms do sound suspiciously like ES but there are other problems that do have similar complaints.

I second what Isaiah says!!