Dr. Brigance

Hi all. I am new here and was just refeered to a specialist. Is anyone familiar with Dr. Brigance or DR Chan-Levino? Recommendation?

You can use the search function to look up the doctors’ names & see what members have said, although I couldn’t find anything recent about Dr Brigance. For doctors to be named on the forum they would’ve done a successful surgery, but the list was originally compiled about 7 years ago I think, so unless we hear they’re not treating ES any more they stay on the list…good luck!

Thank you! I searched but didn’t see anything. I thought maybe I was doing it wrong. Thank you for assist. I am new.

Dr. Chan-Leveno has been a bit “hit & miss” for our members. She seems to be pretty picky about what is & what is not ES & bases her opinion more on symptoms than on the fact a person has styloid elongation. In her book, if you lack certain symptoms, then you don’t have ES. As we well know on here, every one of us is different, & though some symptoms are more common w/ ES than others (i.e. sore throat, ear pain, globus sensation, not everyone has the common symptoms thus symptoms alone are not a great diagnostic tool.

The links below will take you to threads where Dr. Brigance & Dr. Chan-Leveno have been mentioned.