Dr in Los Angeles and symptoms?

Does anyone have a good doctor in Los Angeles? I was told I have ES by my ENT who took my tonsils out because of a "mass" in my tonsil that turned out to be my styloid.

I dont feel like I have symptoms really but I am constantly exhausted. Im 44 and feel 84. hat could be millions of things but us that a symptom with ES? Im so tired of being tired!!!!

Thanks all. :)


Hi and welcome!

Quite a few people have suffered a lot with fatigue, although you're right that it could also be down to other things, so best to perhaps get your blood checked out if you haven't already. If you look back over the previous discussions, and search 'fatigue', there are others feeling the same! Heide and Christian have updated Emma's list of doctors who have treated people with ES, there's a spreadsheet available to look at.

Good luck!

Here is the latest list of docs that are familiar with Eagles Syndrome. Welcome!

138-USEaglesSyndromeDoctors030315.pdf (38.7 KB)