Eagle Attack: The Processes

Guys I'm not sure where to put this so I'm going to dump it here. The following is what I describe as my Eagle attack:

The precursor of the attack always involves a Loud thumping in the ear that matches the increasing pulse that I can feel vibrantly within the sides of my neck usually once side at a time. The thumping gets louder as it matches the increasing pulse so much so that it sounds like marching soldiers in the ear. I loose focus of the noise and begin feeling the throbbing pain in the neck and begin to get dizzy and light headed. My throat will feel swollen and feel as though I am being mildly choked. At random I will Feel Pinching like sensations on the sides of my throat on either sides of the neck. Almost like a crab mildly pinching and just Hanging out for a while. During this ordeal it is not uncommon to have headaches located in the back of the head on either side and occasional blurred vision.

I'm mainly posting this now because I am feeling these symptoms as I type...

I also think I know what triggered it! I refer to it as my: Being 'ON HOLD' position

Allow me to elaborate. There have been several times I have revisited this feeling most especially while I am at work... while being on hold.. My typical reaction to being on hold is simply this:

1. lean back in chair

2. recline as far back as possible

3. tilt neck to stabilize the phone handset between my neck and shoulder.

I have discovered that Maintaining this position for at least 5-10 minutes can begin to activate my " Eagle attack". The feeling does not come right away but slowly creeps up on me which is why I don't react to it right away.

Note I also get these attacks while Driving

I have come to find that while driving anywhere I get these attacks at random. I could only point out that the Seat belt sits right across my neck at all times. This is the position I have always had it in as it feels " Most secure" I have now lowered the seat belt height to the lowest possible setting. As some of you have found it is quite scary to be driving while undergoing one of these attacks.

Anyway that's all I have for now ill try to add more to this if I can remember anything else.

WOW! I was working as a dental asst many years ago when i was diagnosed and hanging my head firward over the patients is what would set mine off. Its also why doctors focused for a long time on my cervical spine. Glad u finally made a connection!! Thats gonna probably help alot!!

I get the same feeling when I bend over and stick my head in the dryer to get something. Whats the nature of your ES or do you only have spinal Issues?

Driving would set off horrible attacks for me, too. I started wearing an OTC cervical collar while I drove, and it helped a ton. It was the sharp head turns that were hurting me. With the collar I'd turn my whole body, which was much better.

Hang in there!

Can you describe your attacks ?

I get an attack and my head feels like it’s vibrating and ears click and pulsating tinnitus gets louder., dizzy and unbalanced. Mainly when computer, look down or turn head quickly when driving.

My driving attacks were what I call "fake heart attacks". One symptom was POTS (positional high pulse) and I'd have shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, numbness.

Eagleheart\Ruth do you still have these symptoms after the styloid removal or are you not there yet?

Those symptoms *never* happen to me anymore, no matter how long I drive. I still get occasional ear/throat pain after a very active day or a long drive, but it's very mild and I hardly notice it. I think even that is happening less and less as time goes by. It's been about a year since my first surgery and 9 months since the most recent side was done.

Surgery on the neck or within throat?

They were both external, through the neck.