Ear popping

I am scheduled for surgery Monday to have my right styloidectomy as well as the ossified stylohyoid ligament removed. This has been going on for 13 mos. Today while shopping my ears- mostly my right kept getting clogged and stopped up like I needed to pop it-kind of like on an airplane or higher elevation. It happened every few seconds and I couldn't hear my voice. I kept having to swallow to get it cleared and then it kept on. Then facial numbness and bad sinus pressure. My styloid is pushing and wrapped around my external carotid artery. Is this an expected symptom or do I need to call my doctor? I did take my beta blocker Bystolic and the popping stopped about 30 min later. Still having the face weirdness. Just took a Klonopin to calm me as well.

Wow, I was having the same symptoms a few weeks ago. Thought I was nuts. I am seeing an ENT in April to confirm what the radiologist incidentally saw…I am not on meds yet, but will need surgery because BOTH LIGAMENTS AND STYLOUD are bad…

My ears both sides permanently feel pressure like being in a plane, but never unblock. I have facial numbness too on the worse side, which has only started over the last few weeks, and is intermittent. If your surgery is only a day away, I wouldn't worry about those symptoms..... hope that your surgery goes well and you recover quickly! Please keep us posted when you feel up to it!

God Bless, Jules

I would wait for your surgery also, but please tell the doc about it and address your concern. I get a "fluttering" feeling in my ear and it tickles really bad. Feels like a muscle or something is freaking out. I also get dull pain in my ears and well as quick stabbing pains. Lots of ringing too