Exhaustion and Fatigue

Hopefully your life will return to normal after your ES surgery and you can go back to work if you want to.

Hi Donihue,

The vagus nerve symptoms I experienced occurred during hard aerobic workouts. My heart rate & blood pressure would randomly drop instead of increasing. I would get very light-headed & winded way beyond what I should have been. I assumed that the shortness of breath came from my body reacting to the lowered heart rate by making me breathe harder to try to get more oxygen quickly into my bloodstream. I would feel like I was going to pass out for a few minutes. For several hours after this happened, I felt “off” - low energy, foggy brain, etc. It took about 8 weeks after my first styloidectomy for these symptoms to go away, but they gradually disappeared. I’ve had no problem in this regard for a couple of years now.
What symptoms are you experiencing?

Will be praying for you! :two_hearts:

This is how I feel but probably not as bad as you were. I talk and move around it gets worse