Facial expressions/non-Duchene smile

Has anyone noticed changes in their facial expressions? Smiles which are flat, eyes not really involved? Dr. Oz had a segment on his show today. For a few years, I have noticed my expressions changing; I just thought I was getting old and tired... and didn't want to smile because of not feeling well.

I researched this behavior and found that the nerve which controls the facial muscles and taste buds is VII. This is one of the nerves which is affected by Eagles. My problem side is my right side and that is where I have had difficulties with my eye lids, etc.

I used to smile mainly on my right side, who knows why, even as a young person. But now I don't. Dr. Oz showed an exercise to do to help relieve the muscles in the back of the neck which can affect the nerve.

But one research paper I found at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Cranial Nerve VII: The Facial Nerve and Taste, by H. Kenneth Walker, chapter 62, pages 322-325, did a great job of discussing this nerve. Even tho it's focus was possible lesions on this nerve, it certainly hit home for Eagles.

Oh, my.

I have the same problem - right side of my face is not smiling. I am always asked if I have had Bells palsy. I think it’s from stenosis of jugular vein from styloid or muscle tightness. Maybe it’s a facial nerve problem.