Some members have had fatigue with ES, I know I did have jugular compression, which caused Intracranial Hypertension, & one of those symptoms is tiredness.
I’ve done a quick search of the discussions; here’s some links:

I would guess that if you had arterial compression that maybe that could cause tiredness too? Also compression of the Vagus nerve (which can happen by the styloids) can cause fatigue, here’s a quote from an article:
‘The vagus nerve is connected to many regions of the brain and body, which regulates functions in the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest). When the vagus nerve is functioning properly, it can help to maintain a sense of calm, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and generally add to the quality of life. It can also aid in achieving flow states more frequently.
When the vagal nerve is not functioning properly, it can create chronic fatigue, anxiety, gut and digestive problems, along with many others. The vagus nerve is perhaps one of the most important especially in the modern age where stress is an everyday part of urban life.’
As for what you can do about it, surgery is probably the only permanent solution. It could also be a side effect of medications, depending what you’re taking. I guess having a good diet, & keeping up with vitamins (if they don’t interfere with medication) will help. Is there any chance of getting some time off work with ill health; not sure what sick pay you’d be entitled to in Ireland? Although I know it’s tricky with jobs at the moment after Covid…

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