Has anyone on here gone through radiofrequency procedure after having styloid removed?

I had my styloid removed 2 years ago on my right side It wasnt the mircle I was hoping for after 10 years of pain.Im very greatful I got the surgery since it took away 40 percent of what Im feeling and It stopped me twitching my jaw every 20 minutes like a meth addict,I would have the surgery done again in a heartbeat,but the pain in my throat ear jaw and neck is still present I thought i would just have to live with that but just came across ernest syndrome ,and doctor ernest is still a live his website is http://ernestclinic.com/home.html.On There I came across a procedure called radiofrequency treatment he developed that kills the nerve sending the pain singnals Im very excited about this there are testimonals of other people with eagles syndrome that have had this done I called them and the check out and procedure is $2200,has any one tried this procedure??I cant wait they could kill half the nerves in my face for all i care at this point lol hope this helps someone I thank God that I found out that there is more that can be done.Thanks