How do symptoms usually come about? Instantly or over time?

Hi everyone,
I am new here and have had symptoms for a little over 2 months now. Symptoms include a sharp pain in the back of my throat, nausea, and light headedness. I have had a CT scan and my doctor does think it could be Eagle Syndrome. However I’m skeptic, the pain in my throat came about in a sudden moment on Oct. 5th. I was yawning and I felt an immediate pain, not a slow build up. Does this match anyone’s experience?

Hi Nathan,
I am sorry that you also have problems in this area. Unfortunately, this can have a variety of causes. Based on your description, I would not want to rule out Eagle Syndrome. I had both a gradual increase in symptoms and acute phenomena.

Maybe you want to show some of your CT images (pay attention to anonymization) here? Some of the members here have seen many recordings and gained a lot of experience. Then an assessment would also be easier.
What did the radiologist write about the proc. styloideūs or the stylohyoid ligament?

Very good is that you get to grips with things very early on. Maybe that’s the right track. Others (like me) sometimes need years for that.
Stay tuned, best regards

Hi Dude,
I don’t have the CT images, my doctor hasn’t let me look at them yet. I had the scan about 3 weeks ago. Right now he is still trying to eliminate other possibilities through various medications. My next appointment is on the 17th to go over the CT images, and next steps.

I had headaches for years that were off and on that I thought were migraines and now I realize are symptoms of my eagles. However the pain in my neck/throat/ear all came on suddenly in March. I thought I had tonsillitis because my throat hurt so bad.

Im 36 my pain started like tonsilits( needles in back of throat )
3week on penacilin pain still there
So seen specialisst ct scan showed i had ES
Then was give lyrica , after 2months symtoms stabledlised , ( no pain all the time )
Just when sneeze, yawn , repetitive neck movements , pain will last up to 4 hours then will ease , my pain started suddenly you learn too manage it ,
Some other sensations feel like
cramp in throat
Ear ache
Something stuck in throat
And dont hold your sneezes in let it all come out and keep blowing air at the end sounds werid but halfs the pain for me
good luck mate

Nathan, I had a similar experience with the yawning and throat pain. Also had numbness on right side of my tongue and lips and in the fingers on my right hand. Poor to this I just had ear aches that came and went.

Sometimes we have mild symptoms going on for awhile and then Wham out of the blue we get some sharp pain. Several have shared pain flairs brought on by yawning.
I encourage you to request the Radiology report from the doctor or the radiology center and we can walk you through it so you have a better understanding of what is going on.

Hi Blossom,
Thanks for the reply, did you notice anything else leading up to the neck/throat/ear pain? In my instance I oddly didn’t have any precursors.

Hi Snapple2020,
I have an appointment on the 17th to go over the CT images with my doctor. The odd thing is is that I didn’t notice any mild symptoms leading up to the intense throat pain. Maybe I had just enough tolerance towards it that I didn’t notice it. I’m hopping to see the radiology report soon.

@Nathan no not really. It coincided with the Covid stay at home order in my state, inconveniently. But that was the only change I noticed. The headaches have also gotten worse since the throat pain started. I was having them almost every day and now have occasional flare ups that are almost always just the headache and some neck and shoulder pain. I haven’t had surgery yet but have found a few medications that have helped. I asked my doctor about it coming on suddenly, he just shrugged and said yeah, totally possible and unsurprising.

I have been living so long with chronic neck/shoulder pain and headaches that unless it gets severe, I ignore it. When the sudden sharp pain that started in my throat, described like a “bone in my throat” in 2015, it traveled up my neck and was exploding bursts in my ear. It was excruiating. MRI showed nothing. Only steriods knocked down the pain. Fast forward and 5 years to diagnosis of ES, my external surgery last week resulted in some throat and swallowing pain. I do not think this is pain from intubation while under anesthesia. The pain started at the point of this “bone” sensation felt in 2015. Doc says he didnt go that far (about 1" south of incision). Often they dont see obvious decompression that occurs when they do ES surgery and he is not sure why I would feel the pain in that area. Obviously something was released or aggravated by the surgery. Its something I guess Ill never know.