Interesting CT Scan Report

I just got my CT scan report today. (And I had asked the radiologist to please measure my styloid lengths). My right styloid measures 4 mm in length and my left styloid measures 6 mm in length. And my right side is my bad side - hurts much much more!

I am surprised to learn that my right side has the shorter styloid because this side hurts constantly!

Hi dj310 -

Glad you finally got your CT scan report. It’s not necessarily surprising that your shorter side is more symptomatic. There’s a likelihood that it’s either thicker, angled differently, more pointed or twisted than the left side & thus is in greater contact w/ nerves/vascular tissues that are causing symptoms. My left styloid was longer but my right was thicker & grew almost straight down. My left side caused more pain but my right side caused the scarier vascular symptoms so it was my surgeon’s first choice to remove.

We’ve seen that before with members where the longer side causes less problems, mine were the same size but I had much worse symptoms on the left.