Jugular compression surgery went well today

Surgery went well today. I am having some trouble swallowing, but ice chips are good. No pain yet except a slight headache & the throat swallowing - about 5 hours out from surgery. Bracing for when the surgery drugs wear off.

My doctor put the styloid that he took out in a speciman jar for me! It’s about an inch long.

So glad that you’re through surgery safely! I hope that it’s not too bad when the meds wear off! Take care of yourself & hope you heal well, & thanks for letting us know how you are… :bouquet: :hugs: :pray:

WOW! Lucky you to have your styloid in hand!! Most doctors won’t give them back because they have to go to “the lab” for testing. Not quite sure what they would test the styloids for…
My sister had to grab a nurse at the surgery center & ask to see mine. We got a couple of minutes w/ the specimen jar before it was whisked away. :weary:

You have a realistic view of your post op lack of pain. It can take 24-48 hrs for the surgical meds to wear off & for “reality” to strike as far as pain goes.

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