Medical records to send

Hi Everyone,

So I dropped off my medical records and scans to Dr. Cognetti’s office today. They copied all my CD’s and gave them back to me. I gave them just a few medical records showing my diagnosis and that I was scheduled for surgery with Dr. Kutler. I also called Dr. Hackman’s office today as well. I’m a Senior Recruiter for a global medical device company and we have a large expansion coming in July, 2023. Just in case Dr. Cognetti doesn’t have availability before then, I want to see if Dr. Hackman availability as well. I have a friend in NC to stay with. Unfortunately I need to work around my job for the surgery. I spoke with Dr. Hackman’s assistant today and she asked for me to send over my medical records, and then they could reach out to get my scans sent over so I don’t have to send my only copy of the CD’s. These records are like a book. It’s been 4 years, 24 doctors and multiple CT and MRI scans. I also had surgery on my neck. My records are from my neck as well as my complaints having to do with Eagles Syndrome. I believe I had an unnecessary surgery on my neck for a grade 1 spondylolisthesis (I didn’t look at the report and trusted my surgeon).

For the medical records, can anyone let me know just how much of their records they sent? It would be easier to have the appointment to explain everything but I’m not able to do that. I’m compiling all my records and CT and MRI results, but I don’t know what to send. His assistant wasn’t very specific unfortunately. I will say, she was so nice!

Those who have sent in medical records, would you be able to let me know which records you sent?

Thanks so much!


I made duplicates of CDs/DVDs with CTAs/CTs and sent the copies, not the originals.

For the med records, I sent the radiologist interpretations of the CTA (reports) and my previous neck surgery’s reports (for me it was a revision).

Since then, all the scheduling with Dr Hackman’s office was quite a breeze vs what we have in Canada (YMMV).


@vdm Thank you. I just compiled all my neck surgery reports and the CT scan reports. The original reports don’t mention the styloids. When I asked for the addendums to measure the styloids, the measurements are all over the place. I’m hopeful Dr. Hackman knows this and does his own measurements?

I’ll go into best buy tomorrow to see what I need to buy to make copies of the CD’s.


@vdm When is your surgery with Dr. Hackman?

@Danielle1 I’ll drop you a private message.