Medication that works! with my back story

HI everyone!
im a 15 almost 16 year old girl in Calgary suffering from eagles syndrome. my pain is right beg=hind my ears, down my jaw, in my neck and shoulders. Me and my family have been searching for years now and we found a medication!
this medication is Trileptal (oxcarbazepine) is an anticonvulsant or antiepileptic it wroks really well for my eagles syndrome and pain I personally take 150mg of it.


Hi glad you found something that works! Are you able to find a surgeon in Alberta? I saw one in Ontario but they did not think it was main problem. Said my styloïds were not long enough to consider surgery. I do not have swallow pain, but have constant ringing in ears and bilateral shoulder pain. I am so confused. Would like a 2nd opinion but hopefully by a surgeon in Canada

sense im only 15 my mom took me to the children’s hospital and I seen Dr.Yanker


Thank you so much for this information. We do have members who’ve been helped by taking carbamazepine which must be a relative of Trileptal. Knowing what dosage is helpful for you is also good information. I’m glad you’re having symptoms relief w/o needing surgery. Hopefully you’ll never need it!


That’s great, so pleased you’ve found a medication to help you! How long have you had symptoms? You’re very young to have ES :grimacing:

like 4 and a half years im pretty sure…

Wow, that would make you about the youngest patient we’ve heard of I think…a dubious honour!

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Sorry you’ve had to suffer starting from such a young age, kayleeg22!

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thanks Isaiah! it has definitely been a rocky road lol

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