Neck pain after styloidectomy, positioning during surgery

Good to hear from you, @Violin! I am sorry about the C-2/3 fusion as I bet that’s adding some additional stress to an already stressed area. I wonder if PT could be helpful once you’ve had your next styloidectomy? I know you’re counting the days! I’m glad it’s coming up soon. :hugs:


Yes I’m having some physical therapy and speech therapy.

I’m continuing to do followup steps about the cervical spine. My second Dr Hepworth styloidectomy is next week, and I don’t want the neck to hurt so much afterwards as it did the first time. Last week I got a guided steroid injection at the worst area, C6-7.

Today I got neck xrays. The technician commented how flexible my neck is. He thinks it’s good! I told him hypermobility is not good…. So maybe another piece of the puzzle is found. I wonder if I have some Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). I’m reading about the Cusack Protocol, which can improve this.

Someone told me that Dr Hepworth referred her to a neurosurgeon in Denver for her neck problems. I’ve made an appointment to see Dr Kuklo while I’m there. His office is in the Presbyterian St Lukes Hospital complex.

Surgery is Sept. 27. Thank you to everyone here for your support.


Best wishes for your second surgery @Violin ! Will be praying for you :hugs: :pray:

Hi @Violin I am so happy that your procedure is so soon and pray that this will finally be resolved for you
Wow on the natural fusion of c2-3
My understanding is that when the disc begins to loose height and compress the body will start to build osteophite complex(bone spurs) that extend from vertebral endplate above and below to prevent further compression , and preserve the space for the nerves to exit. I am hoping that PT has been helping

Did the steroids injections help ? Was it in to the disc itself?
Also did you do a flexion/ extension X-ray series (forward and rearward bending)?

Sending positive healing energy your way
Praying for successful procedure and resolution of your symptoms


Thank you everyone here.

Yes last week’s injections now seem to be helping!

Yes surely you’re correct about why the natural fusion. Yes, flexion extension xrays showed moderate problems.

I had known about the degeneration and told the anesthesiologist.

New info today is that now there is osteoporosis. I wonder if this discovery was delayed due to covid interruptions in medical appointments. I was really sad to learn it. But I’m over 65, should not be surprised and should be grateful that it is discovered now.

It’s good that there are treatments to learn about. I must be careful though, have some underlying genetic considerations, hope to try non medication approaches first.

But I’m scared about pain from the anesthesia next week. Must absolutely be sure to emphasize to Dr Hepworth. On the other hand, the post surgery cervical pain has abated by now. And most blessedly, so has most of my years-long pain due intracranial hypertension and jugular compression!!! That’s the most important!

Next week’s surgery seems to be for secondary improvement.

It’s a process. Making progress. Hope we all can. Good luck to all, have hope and keep going.


I’m really glad that the injections are helping…and hope that the surgery doesn’t aggravate the pain again :pray: :hugs:

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FANTASTIC!! to hear about your improvement since your first surgery w/ Dr. Hepworth, @Violin! I hope/pray the second one takes your recovery even further & whatever remains heals with time after surgery. I’m so glad your surgery is coming up very soon.


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@Violin , I really hope your next procedure goes well and you have a pain free recovery.
Sending prayer’s and positive healing energy

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My family doc printed out the cervical MRI report and told me to hand it to the anesthesiologist immediately before the surgery.

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Left side styloidectomy 3 days ago with Dr Hepworth. So far recovery has been easy!


So pleased for you, I hope that you see a reduction in symptoms :hugs: :pray: :bouquet:

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Wow that’s wonderful news, I am so happy to here recovery is going so well😃
Take care and god bless