New here from Newfoundland Canada

Thanks again. I haven’t yet spoke with Dr. O’Connell. I am also hoping to contact a Doctor Lee in Newfoundland who apparently has done the procedure. :+1:

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Glad you have a potential lead closer to home. :clap:t4:

Hi @Wayne, I had intraoral syloidectomy and tonsillectomy with Dr. Dan O’Connell in Alberta. I am 11 weeks post-op and feeling really good. Feel free to msg me if you would like more info on my experience.

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Hi! I’m from Saskatchewan and have bilateral vascular Eagles Syndrome. I have been suffering for many years, it’s been hell. I am trying to get a styloidectomy but there is such long wait lists in US or bad reviews and of course Canada does t have any surgeons experienced for this. My right side is completely blocked with thrombosis and left side is compressed from styloid with only a small amount of flow. I want to get to Hepworth but the wait is over 6 months and the pain I live in is unbearable. I’m sure I also have a CSF leak also. I was able to get a call with Dr.O’Connell in Alberta and he said he would take me on and do the left side. He said it would be a 3-4 month wait but I’m assuming 4 months at the earliest. What are you thoughts on Dr.O’Connell doing a vascular surgery? He said he has done 12 surgeries in the last 5-6 yrs of this kind

Hi Mindy,

Dr. Cognetti in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has recently seen & operated on some of our Canadian members & others are planning to see him. Dr. Hackman in North Carolina has helped some of our US members who have vascular ES. I don’t think either doctor will make you wait as long as Dr. Hepworth or Dr. O’Connell.

I recall Dr. O’Connell does intraoral ES surgery which is not ideal if you have vascular compression because access to the styloid isn’t as good, & the doctor doesn’t have visual access to your IJV so can’t tell if the styloid is cut short enough to relieve the compression. Both Drs. Cognetti & Hepworth do external surgery which is what you want.

Dr. Hepworth is the only doctor I know that has a terribly long waitlist & that’s partially because he isn’t currently taking new patients so ES ppl are being put off until he starts accepting patients again