New Here - I'd like to hear other's experiences

Sorry that last entry was very disjointed. I meant to say that if you send your CD, I think he will e-mail you a quick reply. I have been in e-mail contact with his nurse. You need to be willing to pay 500.00 and fill out a new patient form to have a full consult like a real visit. He will charge the 500.00 after the consult, I guess, because I offered to pay with the patient form and they said no.

Yes! Emma gave a better, more thorough and up to date answer. Sorry I wasn’t very clear.

Update: The doctor I spoke with has confirmed that I do have ES (YAY!) It is just nice to have a doctor believe me and not dismiss what I am feeling as “stress” or “anxiety”. For now I am content with just knowing what my problem is and I cannot describe how much relief I get from just having an answer. Now I have to take some time to explore my options and weigh the risks of surgery. Thanks to everyone for all the information and support and really just for listening. :slight_smile:

Very pleased for you, glad you’ve found a doctor to confirm what you thought. :grinning:
Let us know what you decide to do!