Non-disclosure agreements?

Just wanted to check how many people have signed non-disclosure agreements to not discuss the details if the surgical outcome is not what you expected?

Would that be a factor to not talk on the forum if something went wrong and in the end the situation is worse than before the surgery? Could it be that some people disappear from the forum because they get warnings from the lawyers not to discuss the results?

Not heard about that but can imagine that if a malpractice/medical negligence claim was settled then there would be an agreement signed and that would contain a confidentiality obligation I am sure. D


That’s a good question, @vdm. We’ve had some members who’ve come back to share they had poor surgical experiences/outcomes which we are fine with as long as the doctor involved is not named. It’s usually somewhat easy to figure out who the doctor is by searching that member’s previous posts to see whom they chose for surgery (if a name is mentioned).

I don’t recall having to sign any type of agreement of that sort prior to any of my surgeries. The US forms do have you sign an acknowledgement that surgery involves dangers & the hoped for outcome may not occur or something to that effect, but not a non-disclosure agreement. Maybe it depends on the doctor & what his/her practice or the hospital/surgery center used requires.

I agree w/ what @PatientD said about a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement possibly being required in a malpractice/med negligence situation, but there may be a statute of limitations to that so info can be shared a certain number of years after lawsuit culmination.


Hey my friend I don’t recall having to sign anything like that UNLESS of course it’s buried in the fine print somewhere. I could definitely see this being more of a thing if there was a lawsuit filed due to outcome.

I have never heard of a doctor requiring an NDA like this. Im curious what state this MD is in. There is one I know of that wont give patients pix of their styloids they took out. I personally want to see what you took out and like the pix showing the length. Im suspicious.

A settlement of a claim would require this however though. That is standard in settlements.