Palate Expander, Tonsillectomy, ES and Jugular Compression

I’ve been diagnosed with bilateral elongated styloids and bilateral jugular vein compression. The compression is worst at the top of my styloids, so the length isn’t the main concern, it’s the thickness at the top and not having enough room for my veins.

I had a tonsillectomy at age 15 after many years of strep throat. I know from the research that I’ve read that a tonsillectomy, especially at a young age, can lead to elongation and calcification of styloids. I also had a palate expander around the same time. This was done by my orthodontist around age 14 to enlarge my upper jaw so all my bottom teeth could fit inside my upper teeth when closing my mouth.

I’m not particularly well versed on anatomy, but it seems like widening my upper jaw may have decreased the available space between styloids and other structures, thereby potentially creating compression of my jugular veins. None of my google searches or searches on this forum have come up with any information about palate expanders and possible health issues like ES.

So, I’m curious if any of the rest of you also might have had palate expanders. Is there any documented correlation between that and ES?

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I’ve not seen this mentioned much at all; I found one discussion where a couple of members were talking about their experience, so here’s a link:
Undiagnosed, New to ES - General - Living with Eagle
There’s certainly not any documented link between palate expenders & ES that I can recall, although it seems logical; many members have had jaw issues so there seems to be a link there…
Have you explored treatment for your ES? Dr Hepworth is very experienced with vascular ES, so would be good to see if you haven’t already? As your jugular compression is from the skull base down they would need to be removed right to the skull base to help resolve symptoms.


oops, just seen your other new post that you are seeing Dr Hepworth :woman_facepalming: :ok_hand:

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