Palette numbness

Anyone experience numbness of the palette. I’ve been diagnosed with ES from CT scan. This is one of many problems I have with ES however I’m wondering if anyone has this. If I place my tongue on roof of mouth it feels numb which is very irritating. The second thing is I have a severe cough that starts with the constant feeling of something stuck in my throat. Once I start coughing and the throat irradiation I start a cycle of coughing, gagging, choking and throwing up. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

The coughing & gagging is pretty common. Less so the numb palette, but that could be down to a compressed nerve. There’s a thread in the Newbies Guide section ‘ES Info- Common symptoms & what might cause them’ which has info that might be helpful.

Hi Ilmsd!
We do have another member on the forum presently who’s having trouble w/ her palette from ES. The coughing/gagging, as Jules said are definitely symptoms of ES & can be related to vagus nerve irritation as can the vomiting be. The vagus nerve is quite extensive & affects things from the back of the skull into the throat down to the heart & into the gastrointestinal system. It affects the vocal cords, blood pressure, heart & anxiety levels, as well as gut functon. It’s a pretty busy nerve! It’s also one of the cranial nerves most often irritated by ES.

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Yes! I’ve had the numb palette as part of my ES journey, super freaky, thought I was having a stroke or something the first time it happened. Now it comes and goes and I try to just ignore it.

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