Plavix Prescription UK

I’m sorry to say I’m in @Jules camp. I’m glad you’ve gotten some relief from the Plavix.
Some people have said it takes time to work well (several weeks), but it seems you’re into that timeframe now. I don’t know about using low dose aspirin with it either. Could you ask your doctor about allowing you to add aspirin & have him/her monitor you for a few weeks while you take the combination of the two?

Alternatively, use Plavix for a month, & if you don’t get better results w/ your current dose, ask your doctor if the dose could be increased. If that isn’t helpful, it may take a bit of trial & error to figure out which medication works best for you. Brillinta is the other medication Dr. Hepworth often Rxes.

@TheDude took Eliquis, and had good results with that: