Has anyone been prescribed protonics and did it help?

Are you talking about Protonix, the acid reflux medication. It could help if your problem is caused by acid reflux. I have ES and acid reflux. The ES pain was not under control even though I was taking a drug similar to Protonix. I did have a huge lump in my tonsil area that was definitely an elongated styloid. Once that was removed and I recovered from the surgery, I did/ do have some residual ear pain that seems to be related to acid reflux. If I keep my diet under control and take the medication when i need it, I can get rid of the ear pain. So the answer is ES is not helped by Protonix, but if you have Acid Reflux, it is possible that some of your symptoms could be from acid reflux.

The only symptom i have is lump and food getting stuck. I had sore throat and ear pain one time in Feb. I do not have no bones comming thro my tonsil area i have no tonsils. I have partial callsified. I have been on protonixs for week now and everyday feels little better. I do notice under left side of my toung feel sore like it rubbing on my teeth type pain. I don’t know if that is from es or just from the gallbladder surgery from tube being put down me.