Question about X-rays/scans taken after surgery

I am a few months post-op from bilateral intra oral surgery.
I will be going to the dentist soon and he had taken the panorex
X-ray (2016)and it was clearly showing the ES. If he takes one
only after two month from my surgery will be in a clear image or would
it show scar tissue. Also , I have spinal stenosis and doc won’t see me
unless i have MRI of the neck and spine done. Again will scar tissue get
in the way of a clear pic so soon after my ES surgery.
Would appreciate if anyone knows - i would hate to pay money for scans and not
be valid.
thank you so much.
have a wonderful weekend.

X-rays show bone, so that should be okay, I would think. But not sure about the MRI as that shows soft tissue- we’re only laypeople here, not doctors, so it would be best to check that with your doctor or a radiologist first.