Respiratory symptoms from Eagle's?

For the last few months, i've developed a weird thing with my breathing. I wake up a few times every night with a feeling like there are crackles when I breathe in. If I take a big deep breath in or cough once it goes away. I have had lung function tests which indicated some mild asthma which I als had as a chid. I was put on a steroid inhaler which improved my lung function on paper but didn't make this go away. I run 6km about 5 times a week and have no problems with my breathing during exercise, only this weird thing that happens when i'm sleeping and sometimes when I am lying down on the couch.

I don't snore and I usually sleep on my side or on my back. It usually happens when I am sleeping on my side.

Wondering whether it may be the ES - perhaps due to an upper airways obstruction. Does anyone else get anything like this?

Mine was a lot different than you're describing, but I did have perceived breathing trouble. I often felt severely short of breath, as if I were in a cave without enough oxygen, or at high altitude. It was a terrifying feeling, like a fish out of water. The lung doctor assured me that everything was fine, but he theorized that a nerve was causing the convincing sensation of breathlessness, sending a false alarm. I think he was right, because the breathlessness went away with my styloidectomy. Pretty crazy. I wouldn't put it past eagle syndrome to cause your symptoms, either.

Eagleheart I feel the same way,not all the time,but I fell like high altitude not really good felling. Will be having surgery in two weeks can’t wait.

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I have the asthma thing and this happens a lot to me. I have to cough to clear it. At night, histamine production can make it worse. If it's the asthma, think if anything changed in your house, like pets being indoors or mold, new sheets or bedding…. if you're in an apartment or condo, smokers and pets in adjacent units definitely cause me problems. You can try an air filter in the bedroom at night. Austin Air or IQ Air are great filters. In my experience, crackling in lungs, especially at night, has always been my asthma.

Thanks for the replies.

Tee, I am in an apartment and there are neighbours who smoke, neighbours with pets, and mould growing on our bathroom ceiling because the landlord is too tight to put proper ventilation in! I guess I didn't consider those things because we have been here a couple of years and it's only a few months ago that I started getting these symptoms. Might look into those air filters...


Yes, definitely--neighbors can make the difference! I own a condo that I cannot live in because smokers moved in above and below me. I was using the inhaler all night long, and finally had to move out and turn it into a rental.

Tell me you really don't have mold growing?! That's really bad overall, and definitely an asthma trigger. Mold is very nasty and can be dangerous for health. There are some legal things that can be done in the US to get that fixed.

You can develop allergies at any time, so it's possible to live there 2 years and get them now.

You named my top three biggest wheezing/rattling/coughing triggers all in one paragraph, like the perfect storm. I definitely think that could be significant to your situation.

Yeah we have some mould growing on the roof in our bathroom which is close to the bedroom. We sprayed it with disinfectant spray to try to kill it. We complained to the real estate agent ages ago buy they didn't do anything about it. We are also next to the car park of a large shopping centre so probably all sorts of dust coming from there. We will hopefully be moving out in the next few months if we can find a house to buy. Are those filters loud or do they use a lot of electricity? I guess you then keep the windows shut while you have them running so a whole bunch more dust/pollens etc don't come in?

I'm glad to hear you might be on your way to a new place. Mold is crazy…it will eat bleach for food…bleach will not even kill it. I know garlic does, but I can't remember what else kills it. Sunlight, I guess.

The filters have settings; at the low settings they can't be heard. At the higher settings, they are loud- but I actually like this for sleeping. I am not sure about how much electricity they use; it's possible their websites might give that information. I don't notice a difference like I do if I run the heat or air conditioning- certainly nothing like those use up.

If you're running it in a certain room, you can close the door. I run the one in the bedroom on the lowest setting during the daytime and keep the door closed in there so I can open my windows in the living room. I probably should keep the windows closed, but I love a breeze coming through…even if there is a little pollen.

I see them for sale a lot in local advertisements…just a person selling one that they don't use anymore. The filters are pricey, but I change mine about twice a year, so it's not like every month or anything. It's worth it to me- makes a big difference. I have a lot of allergies; this is where the wheezing comes from.

There are good filters and ones that I don't think do anything…like those ionic ones that were on the infomercials for a few years. Research a little bit. I like IQ Air the best but have a smaller Austin air for my guest room . There are different sizes, too.

Hi there guys!

I've recently been diagnosed with Eagles but I've had symptoms since the beginning of July 2014. I have been on a health quest since being exposed to toxic mould in a house here in Sydney I believe it to have cause many issues. The exposure was for about 10 months from December 2010.

I noticed you had talked about having mould exposure as well. I won't go into all the issues I've had since the exposure to the mould but i've had a long road to recovery and I still don't believe I've fully got there. And now I've got Eagles! It's all very strange and I can't help but feel the need to research this further and ask more questions.

Have either of you ever had any endocrine or digestion issues since mould exposure as well as lung problems?

I'm also keen to find out where in Australia you're located Aussie77 and whether you can recommend an ENT surgeon that I can talk to.

Hi emme. I live at Tweed Heads on the Gold Coast. The ENT that did my surgery was reluctant and I don't think he did a great job. I can let you know his name if you get desperate. I did have an offer from a maxfax surgeon to do the surgery as weel. He would have done it externally. Regret not getting him to do it but that is easy to say now. He is also on the Gold Coast.