Results...what does this mean?

My CT report says my styloid processes are 3.5mm and 3.2mm and show discontinuous ossification. What does this mean? The report says the measurements are within the limits.

What is discontinuous ossification?

Discontinuous ossification means that your styloid isn’t solidly elongated but looks like dashed lines or it can mean there’s a separation between the styloids & the calcified stylohyoid ligaments.

We would consider both 3.2 cm & 3.5 cm as elongated but on the shorter end of the scale. Remember though, that styloids don’t have to be elongated to cause trouble. They can be normal length & very angled, thick, pointed, curved, or twisted which can cause all the same problems as longer styloids, including vascular compression.

Here is an image of a styloid that would be considered discontinuous. It’s the one on the right as you face the picture:


Thank you for this, I have the pictures but I haven’t had chance to go through them yet, I’ll try to post some when I find the correct ones.


Unfortunately many radiologists aren’t very knowledgeable about ES, so don’t put in their report about things like the width & angle as @Isaiah_40_31 mentions. We’ve had members with small calcifications all along their stylo-hyoid ligaments too, which could be dismissed, but even little calcifications can cause pain if they irritate nerves…