Revision Question

I have a question… Why would a Dr be hesitant on revision surgery for eagles? I had an ENT Dr that found out that it would be a revision and immediately wanted to refer me out to a neuro for pain management. His reason was possible scar tissue. But can that not be easily removed and is this the real reason? He has done Eagles surgery before so I’m not sure if this was his real reason or if there was some other reason. Asking because I’m a little worried my other ENT’s consults will give the same reply. Or maybe pre consult worries are getting the best of me

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Some doctors are wary of doing revision surgeries, yes, but your CT is :hugs: :pray: clear & shows an enlarged styloid so I hope more experienced doctors will look at that. Other members have had scar tissue removed during revision so it is possible.


Sorry to hear you are needing to consider a revision. Some surgeons simply don’t do this for the added difficulties it may bring ie: scar tissue, changes in the anatomy, politics (which have nothing to do with you) etc. Don’t let this stop you from getting another opinion from a respected surgeon. Hold your ground and present your case objectively best you can.


Go on your gut feelings…We know our bodies better than anyone! These doctors that sometimes treat us like they know more about our own bodies than what we do are not listening to what we are saying to them. They lack empathy and they make us look like we know nothing.

A doctor that comes across like that, you send them on their way…I’ve had to fire doctors. THEY CAN BE FIRED! I had so many doctors tell me that I was depressed, I had post partem depression because I had just had a baby on December the 8th and the onset of ES was on December 24, 1987.

I went to so many doctors and none of them could diagnose me until April 2004 when I went to Dr. Greg Krempl at the University of Oklahoma. He diagnosed me after 17 years of being told it was all in my head! I am now well with no poking sensation under my tongue or in the back of my throat. I was one of the lucky ones who came out alright.

I am very thankful that I found this forum because at least I know that people are still trying to pursue their healing. And if I can encourage someone on this journey then, that’s what I want to do.


Hi thank you for the advise and sorry it sounds like you too had a very hard time finding the right Dr. I am glad you finally found the right one to diagnose and help you. And yes you are right, we do know our bodies better than anyone. Persistence is key in our health. Thank you again for sharing your story and the encouragement.


Hi and thank you for the affirmation of what I was wondering. I hopefully will be getting some answers soon with my upcoming consultations. I am super curios with what they will have to say and what my next step will be. And yes thank you, I will do my best and hold my ground and present objectively as well. :blue_heart:


I hope so too Jules thank you. I am hoping when I get surgery if there is any lingering residue/scar tissue that it will be removed as well :blue_heart: :pray: