September 18, 2013 updated Doctor spreadsheet attached

To all active members.

Attached is an updated doctor spreadsheet to date. However, I have a feeling that there are two more doctors recently posted by someone that I may have missed. I am not sure, but I thought I saw two more. I can't find them so maybe 2 of the ones that I added are the ones that I am recalling. Age causes brain relapses.

If any of you mentioned a doctor who is not listed on this sheet, please list them on this discussion and I will update again soon.

I so hope that someone finds a few doctors in UK, Sweden, Canada and more in Australia. This is an international forum and I have a prayer that all of us will be able to find help and relief. It hurts me to know that so many of us cannot find proper care. I will be so pleased to post new ones that have done successful surgeries. I have removed one that retired, one that did not want to be called and one that was asked to be removed by a member.

I hope you all have a version of excel. I haven't had time to reformat to a text or word file.

491-EaglesSyndromeDoctors.xls (34.5 KB)

You are amazing, Emma. You’ll bless many lives with your efforts.


I suppose nothing came of the effort to get Dr. Oz on our side.


OMG, Thank you!!!

I live in Maryland, and my doctor will not operate me, but she was able to diagnose my ES in about 20 minutes, after I spent six grueling months bouncing from specialist to specialist. No one was able to find out what was wrong with me. Her name is Dr. Carla Lawson, and her contact information is 520 Upper Chesapeake Drive, Bel Air, MD 21014 Phone 410-■■■■■■■■. Now I pray for a miracle so I can find a doctor in the state of Maryland willing to operate me.

Blessed be!

Hi Emma,

No, I think Dr. Oz is only interested in things that most of his viewers can relate to. I paid attention to the topics he had planned for upcoming months, and it's mostly stuff like weight loss, vitamins, energy...

I'm still glad we tried.

Hi Emma, Thanks again for adding Dr Samji to the list. I am pretty sure he only does the external approach for surgery for Eagles. But both internal and external are listed on the spreadsheet. Thank you.

Hi Emma and Polly,

Thank you for adding Dr. Samji and he does the external approach.