Somatosensory Tinnitus (From Past To Now) / Tanit Ganz Sanchez (ENT)

A few interesting, albeit old slides from one Brazilian ENT.

Conclusion: some somatosensory tinnitus might be eased by non-surgical options, including routine eye movement exercise and releasing tight upper trapezius/scm muscles.

Interesting data.
I have been having some of this myself as well as some intermittant hearing loss. I am going in for testing called VEMP. Some of its testing might be related to this.

VEMP is a relatively new vestibular function test performed by stimulating one ear with repetitive pulse or click sound stimulation and then measuring surface EMG responses over selected muscles averaging the reaction of the muscle electrical activity associated with each sound click or pulse.

What does VEMP test diagnose?

The purpose of the VEMP test is to determine if the saccule and the vestibular nerve are intact and working properly . When functioning correctly, the saccule and the inferior vestibular nerves work together to send signals to the muscles of the eyes through the nerves system in response to head movements.


Thank you for this great info, Snapple! I have a friend who has vertigo & she’s not sure if it’s visually or auditorily caused. She just had an ENT appt. today, & I don’t know what she learned, but I sent her the VEMP test info just now so she can follow up if she’s not getting answers.