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anyone know if there are any consultant’s in Southampton that is confident with ES surgery?

Hi! 6 kids - how did you manage all that and a husband in need, Mom? Sounds very difficult and exhausting!!!:cherry_blossom:

My Husband only started getting his symptoms for ES when our youngest child was 4 months old.
Its not easy at all but they are worth it :yellow_heart:

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Hi Katjordan,

I was in Southamptom last spring. Came over with a friend to “Walk the Wight”. We loved the southern coast of England!

I agree w/ SewMomma - you’ve had your hands very full with 6 children & a very sick husband. I applaud you for sticking with your husband through all this. That is true marital commitment.

There is a possibility that your husband is still having trouble with eating because of his remaining styloid/calcified ligament. There are so many nerves that can be affected by calcification in that area of the neck. These can cause pain, numbness, tongue, throat, face, & gastrointestinal problems among others when they are irritated. I would imagine your husband suffers from some of these & thus has a reduced appetite or difficulty eating.

Is he able to consume liquids? If so, you could try making him high calorie shakes/smoothies to keep weight on him. There are high calorie protein powders available, & you can supplement them w/ fruit & veggies, full fat yogurt, milk, cream (or full fat coconut milk if he has a milk allergy) or some type of healthy oil to help make them more nutritious & calorie dense. A goal would be not to make them too sweet as sugar causes inflammation which can result in more pain.

Below is the link for the Other Countries’ ES Doctors’ List. There is no one listed in your area but perhaps one of the surgeons on the list is close enough to you that traveling to him wouldn’t cause a hardship. Hopefully you have family not too far off who could help with your children. Mr. Axon & Mr. Corbridge are 2 of the better known ES surgeons in the UK.

I’ll pray for you & your family & hope this info is helpful to you!


OtherCountryEaglesSyndromeDoctors 2017.docx (22.5 KB)

Hi Isaiah

Yes its a Beautiful part of the country.
My husband hasn’t been able to eat since march 2017 in October he weighed just 8st 8lb’s but we have now managed to get his weight back up to 9st 5lb.
wow just realising its 2 years now :disappointed:
He was ment to have surgery in October but his Doctor dissapeared on us and left him to a consultant that refused to operate on him :disappointed: and he is now suffering with Anxiety on top of his ES
we have family in Dorset so are hoping that there is a doctor in Southampton that will take his case on and then we would have support of family close by (hoping to move there soon)
Thank you for the well wishes and all the info il have a look.

I live in Dorset but couldn’t find anyone willing to do the ES surgery. I had to travel to Addenbrooke’s in Cambridge.

Mr Axon did my surgery (a couple of weeks ago). I understand that he’s one of the most experienced ES surgeons in the country.

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Hi Dawn94

how did your surgery go i hope your recovering nicely.
how does it work do you have to go private to see Mr Axon or does he work within the NHS if so how would we go about my husband being transferred to him?
sorry for all the questions.
speedy recovery

He does private work for Spire, but works for the NHS at Addenbrooks in Cambridge. Don’t know if you’d be able to drive your husband there? He keeps patients in overnight as he puts a drain in to reduce swelling. But obviously there’s appts. before & after as well. You can ask to be referred to him on the NHS- not sure if your husband’s under any consultants at the moment, you can be referred from a consultant or through his GP.
Otherwise if it’s too far for you, have a look at skull base surgeons/ Otolaryngologists in your area. I think there’s a doctor on the list in Bristol too.
Good luck!

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Hi Jules, Due to devolution it"s very difficult to get referred from Wales to England. That’s why I had to use my private insurance. If KatJordan moves to England that would make things easier. In Wales meetings would have to be held and you’d have to prove that there isn’t a consultant in Wales with the expertise to carry out the operation.

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Looks like we are going back to England then
Thank you both for all the info xx

Hi Kat

Have you thought about Cardiff? I can’t speak highly enough of the maxillofacial dept there. My surgeon was brilliant.
You are an amazing wife and mum! Hope we’re able to meet up soon. :slightly_smiling_face: xx

Hi Katjordan,

So glad to hear your husband has put on some weight. Sounds like he was very thin. Keep up the good work. Having some “meat on his bones” will help him cope better, maybe be less anxious, & even perhaps heal faster after surgery.

How sad that your first ES surgeon disappeared. Very unfortunate timing! If you look up the Vegus nerve (Cranial nerve X), you will see one of the things it helps control is our anxiety levels. It is possible that your husband’s extreme anxiety is in part caused by irritation or compression of the vegus nerve. Other symptoms of a vegus nerve in distress are gastrointestinal problems (perhaps this is also why your husband has had trouble eating?) & heart palpitations. Since I’m not a doctor, I can only suggest an irritated vegus nerve as a contributor to his symptoms based on my own ES experience & from what I’ve read.

Sounds like you have some changes coming up for your family with a possible move in your future. So glad you have relatives reasonably near to help you when you need it. I hope your husband is able to go see Mr. Axon as he has helped many members on this forum who live in GB.


Hi Katjordan,

My surgery went very well, although I’m still recovering as it’s early days.

I had 4.1 cm removed and the issues I was having swallowing disappeared immediately.

Mr Axon does private and NHS surgery. I got my GP in Dorset to refer me (she was sceptical and expected the referral to be dismissed by the CQC - but here I am post surgery!).

I can’t recommend Mr Axon and the team at Addenbrokke’s highly enough. They really do know their stuff.