Styloid and Transverse Process Impingement of Carotid

Today I met with the military anesthesiologist for the styloid injection.

He confirmed that the styloid is impinging onto the carotid. He said there was also impingement on the opposite of the carotid caused by the transverse process.

This is what he saw. (I think I highlighted the correct areas.)

Has anyone else experienced similar issues?

How concerned should I be?
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Additional images.
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Additional images:
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Additional images:
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Hi Alexandra,

I don't know about all the technical stuff as well as others do, so I'll let other people address those. But I wanted to reassure you that problems like strokes are extremely rare with vascular Eagles. I don't know of anyone on the forum that it's happened to. In fact, I think I've only read about one case in the medical journals a number of years ago.

When I had surgery on my vascular side, my vascular-type issues were resolved right away. I still had to recover from the surgery of course, which took some time, but I felt so much better. I know some people had their vascular issues resolve more slowly after their surgeries, so it's hard to say how quickly you would feel improvement, but your chances to get this fixed successfully are very good.

Thank you for that reassurance!

The military anesthesiologist was concerned there is a higher risk of stroke based on family history. (Brother had a stroke in his 30’s.)

I do feel we are making progress through this and am grateful for that.