Suggestions if you stay in a motel

I’m 2 weeks post op from my 2nd surgery in Omaha, Neb. My first surgery was amazing, my 2nd recovery is going a bit slower. I had them done about 3-4 weeks apart, and I would recommend 6 weeks. Low BP and inner ear have slowed this recovery a bit. HOWEVER, I feel so much better. I’m so thankful. Because we live in KC, MO and traveled to Omaha, Neb. we stayed In a motel. Some things that helped…

  1. Wedge pillow
  2. I’m a side sleeper so a body pillow helped keep my arm up, which I thought helped.
    3. A pad of paper/ pencil to write down meds.
    4. Ice packs… I liked the blue ones about the size of my entire hand found on Amazon.
    5. Food ideas. The first time we never considered having something on hand to eat with meds during the night. My stomach was a mess. Food that helped … was Panera Chicken/ noodle soup, Wendy’s frosty…( but just get a small it was pretty rich except a bite at a time). And then we took… a couple of Costco’s frittatas… they were great to eat a half with a pain pill. Also, making ahead thin breakfast casseroles… is helpful.
    6, blanket
    7. I also took 4-5 cut up Paul Newman prunes and Collace.
    8. Diet Coke… :blush:. But my BP got so low Dr in Omaha and KC we’re going… drink
    Coke, fluids and eat salty foods. I have never craved potato chips so much in all my life.
    Both of my surgeries have given me my life back; I wish each and every one of you hope and healing.
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Really glad that things are improving, albeit slowly! Hopefully you’ll feel the benefits of surgery soon, & the BP will settle. (What do they think that was caused by?)
The info’s great for members looking for what to get before surgery, along with Seamom’s surgery shopping list.

Low BP is an ongoing problem, probably hereditary. I was actually hoping this surgery might improve it. A Dr told years ago that if I lived in Europe it would probably be treated. Maybe factor V ( blood clotting ) condition contributes/ vitamin k weakness; I don’t know. But when my bottom number goes below 55 and my numbers aren’t even 30 pts apart, I am very low energy. Usually it bounces back in a day or two… BUT this was more like 2 weeks. I finally ate McDonalds Fries and cut up the Popeyes chicken … and started feeling better. Bless those of you who loose weight with this surgery; I don’t.

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Hi Painfree,

I’m also glad to read that you’re feeling so much better post op. I’m sorry for the set-backs you’ve had & totally understand & sympathize with your low BP situation. I have to take a diuretic (BP med) to help control the symptoms of Meniere’s Disease. If I don’t drink enough or eat enough, I get low energy, shaky, light-headed feeling like I’m going to pass out. I’ve finally learned that I need to really pay attention to drinking & eating enough for several hours after I take my pill. Low BP can feel pretty scary!

:+1:. They thought my mom bordered Menieres, but I think her real problems was Eagles… I feel so sorry that it was never addressed. Headaches, earaches, etc.

Interesting that you say that, as my dad had an undiagnosed & very odd “heart” issue that he dealt w/ in the last couple years of his life. When I was diagnosed w/ ES, he said, “I’m sure glad I don’t have that!” After he died, & I learned more about the symptoms of ES, I felt pretty convinced that his heart issues were based in a vagus nerve issue which could have been caused by ES. I was so sorry not to have had “the lights go on” earlier so he could have had a CT scan to check for it.

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