Surgery soon

I had a lot of your same symptoms. Especially the dizziness and jaw pain. But it took five years after the dizziness to stumble upon Eagles. I had immediate relief from the jaw pain and very little post-op pain. I also had a respit from the dizziness. My surgeon said that anesthesia kind of re-sets your brain. The only inconvenience I had after both of my surgeries was First Bite Syndrome. When as soon as you start to eat the first bite of food for a meal you feel a twinge of pain and then it is gone for the rest of your meal. It’s just a little annoyance and goes away in a few weeks. Just be aware that is a common response to this surgery. Good luck tomorrow.


Good to hear from you, @I_am_Groot! I’m glad you’re doing so well after your ES surgeries & your dizziness & jaw pain have gone away. It’s also good to know your FBS pain stopped after a few months. I’m sorry you got it on both sides though.

I hope you are doing well in all ways.


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