Symptoms are back with a vengeance

Hi everyone. I’m an old member.

4 eagles surgeries for bilateral

Right side shortened 2012 surgery 1(interoral)
Arterial bleed 9 days later emergency surgery 2 (interoral)
Left side interoral Injection with investigation 2013 surgery 3
Left extraoral removal 2013
Right side guided c.t injection 2017

I have horrific pains returned on the shortened side (right)

. Pain on swallowing
Pain behind ear
Pain in ear stabbing
Pain on turning head
Sharp stinging pain all the time
Pain shooting up right face and temple
Constant right eye twitch
Pain in front of throat hear hyoid sharp and stabbing
Bloodshot eye
Swallowing problems
Headaches with pulsing
Pulsing tinnitus

Does anyone have any mine post surgery.

I literally can’t go on like this

Sorry to hear that you’ve got symptoms back, cheekychops, especially after 4 surgeries. It does sound like typical Eagles symptoms, doesn’t it? Unfortunately the styloid processes can grow back, we have seen a few members back who have had their styloids re-grow, so I guess it would be worth getting another CT done to see if that’s happened.
You mentioned a right side guided CT injection this year- was that for steroids or lidocaine, and did anything show up then?

Hello cheekychops. I remember you from 2012. My surgery was in May 2012, when I had both elongated styloid processes remover extraorally.
That put an end to the chronic neck and shoulder pain which I had had for many years, plus the phantom earache in the left ear, left side sore throat, finally toothache in the left molar which had no nerve anyway!
Also put an end to the dizziness and slight nausea which I had on turning my head to the right.
I have the nasty little things in a bottle …!
Such a relief!
I now have a return of neck and shoulder pain, knotty upper back muscles, and the phantom toothache has returned, plus headaches.
I have this awful suspicion!!
All I can do at this point is to go to a dentist for a panorex x-ray, which is where I had the first diagnosis.
We hope we can get some more feedback from anyone else who has had their styloid processes regrow.

EarMom’s son had his both grow back, and quite quickly. She’s written a book about their experience. You could message her… I’m sorry I can’t remember the names of any other members.

Thanks Jules, I’ll follow that up, and if I have an x-ray will let you know if anything turns up. But hold thumbs - would hate to begin that journey again!

Here is an older thread discussing regrowth of the styloid processes after removal:

Although rare, my son’s case did prove that styloids can regrow. Sometimes it isn’t even very clear on the CT. The radiologist who looked at my son’s CT (1 year post surgery) thought maybe it was calcified ligament, but after 2 revision surgeries, the styloid process did indeed regrow to the same length - in one year’s time. Here is my son’s story:

As time goes on and I visit these sites less frequently, I wanted to make sure that his case lives on to help others following in our footsteps. Regrowth is devastating and even harder to convince physicians it can happen. My son’s case will be documented in medical literature as well, but it takes years to be published by the physicians.

Currently, my son is still pain free. His last revision surgery was in 2016. It has been over a year now pain-free. We pray that those bones will NEVER regrow again. Clearly, he was a child with growth spurt when he was feeling good, but no one thought these would / could regrow. Unfortunately, it happened to him. I would never wish this on anyone, but I am glad at least he agreed to share his story so that others have proper information. Never give up.

Hallo, and what was the reason of the return of pain?

No idea. The pain left, but recurred quite recently, quite severely, and the tooth (which has no nerve) became painful and very sensitive, but is now painless. I think it may be something to do with established pain pathways.
I still have not gone for the panorex x-ray, which would show whether the styloid processes have re-grown.