Timing of CT results

Hello everyone! I had a neck CT done 3 days ago. The hospital system I go to always auto posts the results to mychart the same day. Has anyone found a delay in posting test results to mychart?

Actually, the results posted about 5 mins after I made the prior post. The CT noted the right styloid is 1.5 cm and the left is 1.8 cm. So I’m assuming the styloids aren’t my issue. The CT did note there is mild soft tissue asymmetry around the palatine tonsil area. I’m not sure what that could be.

No, they’re not very elongated, but depending on the width and/ or angle they can still cause symptoms. Unfortunately most radiologists unless they’re specifically asked don’t look for that, I don’t know if you can get them to review the CT & look for that?
Not sure about the soft tissue they mention around the palatine tonsil, maybe inflammation?

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Additionally, styloids can be normal length but the stylohyoid &/or stylomandibular ligaments can be calcified closer to the hyoid bone which causes the same types of symptoms as elongated styloids. If no comment was made about your ligaments, you could also ask for them to be looked at for calcification.

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…and muscles, e.g. digastric or SCM, can also be involved…